Campus back to normal after frightening lockdown

Ebony Greenfield checks student IDs at Faulkner University's recreation center.
Ebony Greenfield checks student IDs at Faulkner University's recreation center.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Life at Faulkner University is back to normal.

But for Josh Carroll, his late afternoon ping pong game got side tracked.

"We were kinda wondering if we were going to be able to get on campus," says Carroll.

It was about 3:30pm when police responded to a call from Faulkner officials that a student posted a threat on his Facebook page.

Police say it was enough to prompt an investigation and school lockdown.

"Anytime we receive information indicating that there's a possible threat, then we have to make sure we respond adequately," says Major Huey Thornton with the Montgomery Police Department.

Police aren't giving WSFA 12 News details on the threat.

Even without specific details, it was enough to shake students like Ebony Greenfield who works in security at the school's sports complex.

"I was terrified because our parents send us to school to be safe and it's a Christian college so of course you expect some kind of Godly atmosphere and usually we have it," says Greenfield.

Students say they got word of the lockdown fast and were able to get to safety all thanks to a message on their cell phones.

"We've gotten things like that for tornadoes and things like that, but nothing that would actually threaten somebody," says Carroll.

Police say they took the student in question into custody before he made it to campus.

"If there had to be anything going wrong with the school, I'd rather be here than somewhere else, ya know?" says Greenfield.

Police say there is no reason for anyone to be concerned.  Classes resume Friday.

Police expect to charge the suspect.

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