Dothan considers BYOB ordinance

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – BYOB, bring your own beer.  Some Dothan businesses are using the practice to get around liquor laws and state alcoholic control agents are concerned.

Last month the city began contemplating a crack down after agents informed them of safety concerns at certain clubs where the practice was being used.

The city has drafted a two page ordinance that would prohibit BYOB at clubs, as well as prohibit open containers outside of clubs.

"We are looking at clubs that are charging for folks to bring in their byob, and stopping that and controlling that and have some regulation," says Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz.

City leaders plan to revisit the issue next year, but before voting their seeking advice from alcoholic beverage control agents.

"Before we pass a law we want to make sure it goes directly to the problem that we are having and doesn't affect anyone else," adds Schmitz.

Not every business that allows BYOB is causing problems, which is why the city's proposed ordinance would allow the practice to continue in some places on a permit basis.

The city is could vote on the issue in January.

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