YouTube video of teens fighting stirring controversy

By Elizabeth Gentle – bio | email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There's nothing fake about the punches and kicks thrown by a group of teenage boys identified as Huntsville High School students on a video posted to YouTube.

In the background, friends are heard cheering on the fight. Some were just standing around watching, while others had cell phone cameras rolling.

It appeared the fight went down in a parking lot, at times between vehicles. The video, which made its way to YouTube, clearly showed the two boys are injured. One had with a swollen eye and a bloody nose.

However, that didn't slow them down. With a quick kick with a leg, both were on the ground throwing punches, even putting each other in a choke hold.

Near the end of the video, both teens, bruised and battered from the "ultimate fighting" experience, shook hands.

So what does the school system have to say about this type of behavior. Will the students be punished? Or is it out of the system's hands?

"For something off campus that doesn't involve the school system, then the school system is very limited on what they can do," said Huntsville City Schools Spokesperson Keith Ward.

Kristen Hudson couldn't believe what she saw when we showed her the fight on WAFF 48 News' laptop.

"It was shocking," Hudson said. "You don't expect to see that type of thing every day. Sometimes they try to do those things at home. They get hurt. Those are not professionals."

The group of teens are armatures who have been taking their punching and kicking to private locations off school grounds.

Huntsville Police Sgt. Mark Roberts said videotaping this sort of behavior is becoming increasingly popular.

"One of the main things is this ultimate fighting," Roberts said. "It might be a reaction to that. Hard to say."

Kala Kilpartrick and Helen Goins, who live in Florida and Mississippi, watched as the teens beat each other to a bloody pulp. They said that type of horseplay is against the law where they live.

"It's wrong, they shouldn't put all of that stuff online," they told WAFF 48 News. "People shouldn't be able to see all that. Because they are guys, they want everyone to see how bad they are."

Huntsville Schools officials said the video is a few days old. When it was put on YouTube, the students involved and their parents were called into the office to discuss the matter.

If police witness fighting like that, the guilty parties can be charged with disorderly conduct. If someone is seriously injured or killed, charges can be issued as well.

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