King of Cane

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Andalusia, AL (WSFA) - Some folks can just build anything.   They get an idea in their head and they just do it.  Is it fair?  Probably not, but it sure is cool when these folks show off their skills.

About a year ago some sad news created an opportunity for Ted Cottle.  His brother in law was battling cancer, and gave Ted and his wife Betty a cane patch.    Ted told his brother in law he'd help him fulfill a lifelong dream and make a cane syrup mill.    So what did Ted know about it?   "Back when I was young my grandma made syrup," Ted Cottle said.   "We really didn't know anything about it, besides some Internet research, and what we remember as kids, which was a long time ago," Betty Cottle said.

So he put the mill together piece by piece.   In the end you just have to shake your head.   He rigged up a mill like a cane raising pro, and he gets a lot of help making it work.  Check out the video to see his operation.

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