Montgomery County Leaders Count On Radio Campaign Ad To Keep Shoppers Spending At Home

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La-z-boy store manager Constance Day heard of 'My Montgomery Matters' radio ad campaign but can't say for certain it's made a difference in sales.

County Commissioner Reed Ingram has no doubt the county did the right thing at the right time considering the economy.

"We should have done this long ago. When times get leaner you become wiser," said Ingram.

Sales receipts for October were down 8% compared to last October. No numbers yet for November.

It's the sign of the times. Just last Friday Montgomery mayor Todd Strange and the chairman of the Montgomery County Commission teamed up in a TV ad to also encourage city and county shoppers to stay home and spend. The county launched a similar ad last Christmas but it's hard to say whether the campaign actually translated into dollars.

Meantime, the county spent more than $6,000 getting the ads produced. County leaders tell WSFA 12 News they see it as a reminder, a public service to keep holiday spending at home.

While it may not be having an affect just yet on businesses like La-z-boy, it has made a difference with shoppers like Sara Farley.

"It makes you think and I will spend locally and support the city I live in," said Farley.

Commissioner Ingram says it will be January before they'll know whether the 'My Montgomery Matters' campaign mattered. That's when sales tax numbers come in but either way, Commissioner Ingram believes the campaign is here to stay.

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