Editorial: Feedback

Editorial            Feedback         12-8-09

Our advocacy for Charter Schools in Alabama drew this email response: "Charter schools are a risk in Alabama, I think people know that.  On the other hand, Magnet Programs aside, our public schools are so bad and so mismanaged and so politicized that most anything would be an improvement.  The AEA will fight this along with the AEA paid for state legislature.  You can count on it."

Regarding our Taxing Troubles Editorial, John Gray emailed: "Perhaps management of existing funds should be addressed prior to solving every government problem by just throwing more money in the pot.  This has not worked with our national government and I doubt it will work in Alabama… Asking for better government management maybe the same as hoping to win the lottery, but it sure would be a nice start.  Perhaps it could begin by placing high level government officials on a pay by performance plan using public notified goals and objectives."

You were in agreement regarding our Public Knowledge editorial but one person emailed that the  goals for the superintendent did not have straight language and there was no way to evaluate if anything was accomplished.

We appreciate and encourage all of your feedback.