Governor Riley faces stiff opposition on two fronts

Posted by: Sherri Burnett-James - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Accusations from the state Senate Democrats and opposition from gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson has Riley in a sticky predicament. Key Democrats in the state Senate took aim at Riley for "not pr acting what he preaches when its comes to no-bid contracts."

Riley criticized former Governor Siegleman for issuing no-bid professional contracts, but Democrats say he has done the same.

A spokesperson for Riley said, "If Democrats want to pass legislation to ban all no-bid contacts, including their own, then the governor will sign the bill into law.

Not only is Governor Riley receiving the heat from Democrats, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson is accusing Riley of a conflict of interest during the financial crisis in Jefferson county.

Johnson said, "Riley's son represented Jefferson county sheriff's department while the governor worked to find a solution to the county's sewer debt problems."

He also said, " Riley's son-in-law worked with the law firm representing the administration in the "Water Wars."

Riley's spokesperson responded to the accusations by saying, "Whatever."

The attorney general's office says they received the letter [from Johnson] and will only investigate if there is probable cause.

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