Big Grant For Cleveland Avenue YMCA In Montgomery

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For Willie Jones sometimes it pays to have friends in high places.

"This isn't about Willie Jones, it's about the Cleveland Avenue YMCA," Jones said.

From Alabama head football coach Nick Saban to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Jones just learned the Cleveland Avenue YMCA is getting a $500,000 grant, and Jones already knows what he plans to with it.

Around 400 school children will benefit from the grant.

"This will be help with our after-school program and it will help students with math and science," said Jones.

Jones says there's no question without the grant he would have had to cancel the program that's been going now for about 8 years.

A silver lining the midst of trying economic times.

Now the $500,000 won't come all at once. It's a process in which the 'Y' gets it in piece-meal fashion.

The Cleveland Avenue YMCA was built in 1960 and the cultural center was constructed next door in 2000.

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