Governor Riley responds to attacks

Governor Bob Riley is wasting no time responding to the attacks by his former cabinet member, GOP candidate Bill Johnson.

This time Johnson is in Birmingham accusing Governor Riley of taking campaign money from the Mississippi Casinos and fattening the pockets of his son and son in law.

Bill Johnson says he and Governor Riley were really good friends.  In fact, Johnson and his wife were married in 2004 at the mansion and the governor was his best man.  However, Johnson says the Governor is not living up to the code of ethics he's asked his cabinet and staff to follow.

Specifically no one is to use their office for personal gain or the gain of their family members.  Johnson says the Governor made decisions that increased the amount of money going to his son and his son-in-law.  He also says Riley accepted about $3 million from the Mississippi Indian casinos to keep gambling out of Alabama.

"There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars of gambling money that is on the line.  The only thing I'm saying we are going to follow the law.  If they come after me, my family, they come out for anything else than so be it," says Governor Riley.

"I would say he is trying to distract attention from the real issues which is starting a year ago, he took over as lead negotiator for the county he let his children's law firm get contracts with the county," says Johnson.

Also Wednesday, a Jefferson County judge upheld a previous decision that electronic bingo is illegal in Walker County.  Circuit Court Judge Robert Vance stood by his October 16th order.  Attorneys for charities, operators and game manufacturers had asked him to reconsider his position because of a recent state supreme court ruling in the Lowndes County bingo case.

Judge Vance originally ruled legislators and voters did not approve the electronic form of the popular game when Walker County's bingo amendment was okayed in 1992.