Bikes for Alabama foster children stranded in California

Lori Kitchens lost her father Phillip Vick four years ago. In lieu of flowers, the family requested people donate bikes. More than 200 lined the church at his funeral. "We had everything from rocking horses for children to bicycles for teenagers," said Kitchens.

The family decided to continue the effort and created "The Phillip Vick Bicycle Fund." Every Christmas, they donate bicycles to foster children across Alabama and Tennessee. Kitchens adds, "To date we've given out 2500 bikes."

This year, a manufacturer gave them a discounted rate on the bikes and a company agreed to transport the bikes free of charge from California to Alabama. That gave them enough money to buy 500 bikes. Then the company expected to ship the bikes, put the brakes on their plans. With all the money they raised already spent on bikes, the family doesn't have the funds to ship the bikes to Alabama. So for now, they're parked out west. Now it's the family's Christmas wish someone will step up to help or several needy children could go without a present under the tree this Christmas.

If you would like to help, call Lori Kitchens at 334-462-6439.