Air safety hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSFA) - Senators are pushing the Federal Aviation Administration to make flying safer by reducing pilot fatigue.

Lawmakers at a hearing in Washington, D.C. urged the FAA's administrator to work faster to keep pilots from flying when they are too tired.

He told lawmakers his agency needs more time for proposing rules overseeing pilots' schedules, which includes how many hours per month a pilot can fly, and the minimum amount of time off between flights.

"We don't have any way of measuring the quality of rest you get, any more than we have a way of measuring, 'I live here and I had a child that was up at midnight and I took him to the emergency room at 2 in the morning and I was due out on a flight at 8.' I have no business flying that flight," stated Randy Babbit, FAA administrator.

The FAA administrator also opposes requiring all airline pilots to have at least 1,500 flight hours of experience.

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