Tiger Woods' caddie speaks out about Tiger's infidelity

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

New Zealand (NBC) - The caddie for Tiger Woods spoke out about Tiger's "infidelity" Sunday while playing at a course in New Zealand.

Steve Williams denied knowing anything about the "indiscretions" that led the world's number one golfer to take an indefinite leave from the sport.

Williams said that it was "very disappointing...to have been labelled a liar in the media."

His disappointment coming in response to a comment ESPN's Rick Reilly made last week when he said --the caddie must have known about Woods' alleged affairs, and may even have helped arranged liaisons for woods.

Williams, who began working for Woods in 1999, defended Tiger, saying he needs time to work through this mistake.

He said, "I don't have anything to do with what Tiger does off the course and whatever he does is his own business.  But, you know, to have been labeled a liarlabeledmedia is very disappointing to me. I tell the truth, I tell the facts, and I know nothing about it.  To have people write and announce that some of the things I've said have been untrue, yeah, that's really made me sick."

He went on to say, "He's obviously got something to work out, and I just hope for everybody's sake that him and his family - his lovely wife Elin can repair the damage and get back together. They're a great family and they're very close to me and my wife."

"Tiger's human," he said, "we all make mistakes in life and he's made a mistake but we all make mistakes."

Friday, Woods announced he was taking an indefinite leave from the tour to focus on becoming "a better husband, father and person."

It was the latest drama to unfold and the biggest fallout yet from two shocking weeks filled with allegations of rampant extramarital affairs with a number of women.