Toddler survives pitbull attack

Source: Tabitha Powell
Source: Tabitha Powell
Source: Tabitha Powell
Source: Tabitha Powell

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Little Aubrey Newman turns 2 in about two weeks.

She almost didn't make it.  Her mom says the toddler was at the babysitters Thursday.  Robin Kuczmarski, the babysitter, tells WSFA 12 News the young girl jumped on the sleeping dog, who bit the girl in defense.

"I was scared. I didn't know really what to expect whenever I got there," explained Tabitha Powell, the girl's mother.

Aubrey needed ten stitches to sew up the damage caused by a bite to her face.  Now, she's recovering--playful as ever.

"They said that if [the bite] was any deeper, it could have been bad. It could have been fatal," Powell said.

Similar stories don't always end so well. Humane officers say dog bites are anything but rare.  In fact, most attacks come from an unlikely source.

"70% of all dog bites occur from a dog the victim knows, is familiar with," explained Humane Officer Scott Hill.

What can you do to protect yourself and your kids--especially this holiday season?

Play it safe.

"Just keep a close eye on your animal.  Make sure your company isn't mistreating the animal by pulling ears or--especially children--not pulling ears or grabbing around the neck or pulling tails," Hill said.

Don't forget to use common sense when approaching someone else's pet.

"It's always best to ask the owner first, 'Hey, can I pet your dog?'"

Aubrey and her attacker were on good terms.

"She's been around the dog since she was born," Powell explained.

Now, Powell's just thankful she can ring in another Christmas--and another birthday--with her daughter.

"I don't trust no animal around kids. That's just my personal opinion on that," she said.

Aubrey's mother tells WSFA 12 News the babysitter has since given up her pitbull to another family.  The young girl is expected to be fine.

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