Water War Between The States

The meeting between Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Georgia Sonny Perdue and Florida Charlie Crist at the Blount Estate on Vaughn Road lasted about two hours. When it ended all smiles.. even a family hug but no solution.. only promises to try to solve this once and for all.

"We have instructed our negotiating teams to come up with a plan before our legislatures meet in each of our states," said Governor Riley.

This was the first face-to-face meeting between the three since a Federal judge ruled in July that the current water withdrawals from Lake Lanier in Georgia were illegal.

Although there were no agreement, the governors say they feel more optimistic than ever because for the first time they say they have a much better understanding of the issues in each state.

"In Georgia it's water quality issues. In Florida it's species issues," said Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.

In that same ruling back in July the Federal judge gave the states and Congress until 2012 to reach a water-sharing agreement. Otherwise, Atlanta could see its water supply from Lake Lanier dramatically reduced.

Regardless of what kind of agreement the states come up with Congress would still have to sign off on it.