Every diagnostic procedure performed at Montgomery Breast Center uses the latest, minimally invasive technology. These relatively painless procedures make getting back to day-to-day activities easier and faster.

Taking advantage of the latest advancements in breast imaging, the Montgomery Breast Center is proud to offer mammography services utilizing the advanced Senographe 2000D and Senographe DS Digital Mammography Systems from GE Medical Systems, as well as the GE Logiq 9 for breast ultrasound.

Also available is the Siemens ACUSON S2000™ Automated Breast Volume Scanner which allows for views not possible with conventional hand-held ultrasound. Gamma imaging is another innovative technique for finding and diagnosing problems. Montgomery Breast Center is the only facility worldwide to have two Dilon 6800 Gamma Cameras in place. Taken further, the GammaLôc® biopsy system, when used with the Dilon 6800® Gamma Camera, can localize legions found through breast-specific gamma imaging, providing clear and reliable stereotactic views for location and depth. (We are also the first in the world to have the GammaLôc® biopsy system.) Montgomery Breast Center also offers the GE HI Speed Cigna 1.5 T for breast MRI.