Montgomery considers electronic speeding enforcement

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you're a driver, and you want to be on camera, you may have your shot.

The Montgomery City Council is considering a move to hire Lasercraft, the same company who runs the red light cameras, to beef up speeding enforcement.

"I think it's a tool that can be used by the Montgomery Police Department in an effective way," said Montgomery City Councilman Glen Pruitt.

The move would place manned or unmanned vans across Montgomery, each taking a picture of your license plate, measuring your speed, and mailing you a ticket if you break the law.

"It'll be used the exact same way the red light cameras are. A civil offense. It will not go on your driving record," Pruitt explained.

The tools, which reportedly would only cost the city a cut of the ticket price, wouldn't necessarily be focused on thoroughfares.

"I want to see them mostly predominantly in neighborhoods," Pruitt said.

It's a concept some residents say they can get behind.

"I have 5 girls, and they're all out riding their bikes and having fun.  I don't want anybody to come through speeding and cause them harm," said Alfred Smith of Montgomery.

"That usually happens around the neighborhood, because [speeders] think they can get away with it," explained Tiffany Adams of Montgomery.

Legislation seems to be the major hurdle.  State politicians would have to change existing laws.

Plus, the City Council has to sign off on the measure.

"If everybody's not on board, and we're not cohesive, there's no sense in going to the local delegation," Pruitt said.

A Lasercraft representative is slated to give a presentation to the full council in January.

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