Dothan's Salvation Army thrift store back open again

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – It's open for business again at Dothan's Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Two weeks ago a car had driven through the front of the building forcing the store closed at a busy time in the year but now it's back to business.

"We had the parking lot full before we opened, and it's pretty much been that way all day," says Sandy Henderson, a worker at the Thrift Store.

For those people who depend on the thrift store they say having open again is a blessing.

"Oh we are very blessed to have the Salvation Army back open we have been riding by every day for a week and we finally saw it open today and we came and it's a blessing," says Sheena Smith, who shops there frequently.

And workers say they're excited to serve people again.

"It's like Christmas, you know to see the people's faces as they come in and light up, they find these bargains it's just Christmas time," says Woody Yon, a worker at the store.

If you would like to help out the Salvation Army you can contact them at 794-9304.

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