Hope For Wounded Soldiers

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One swing on the golf course won't erase the nightmare of war but it sure goes a long way in hooking in a little peace in the midst of pain.

We begin with Peter Richert of Kansas. He lost his right leg and is already feeling the affects of degenerative hips and he's only 25.

"I have it in both hips. I wanted to stay in but they wouldn't let me," said Richert.

Justin Lyn also lost his right leg and that's not all.

"I have traumatic brain injury and it will be life-long," he said.

Thanks to 'Hope for the Warriors,' Justin and Peter are feeling more hopeful, more energized after grueling rehabilitation. Peter came from the war zone in Iraq earlier this year while Justin has been stateside since 2007.

"This is good therapy because we walk the golf course. It's a great program," said Lyn.

'Hope for the Warriors' is a national non-profit group with the primary goal of working with wounded soldiers by improving their quality of life. Recreation is one of those opportunities, and today RSA teamed up with the group to give wounded soldiers like Peter and Justin 5 days of golf on the RTJ Trail and there's more. The soldiers and their families are staying in the Presidential cottage at the RTJ in Prattville.

"This is our way of giving back to the community," said RSA CEO Dr. David Bronner.

Justin Lyn and Peter Richert fought a war, lost a limb but survived. Despite their pain the two men say they would do it again. Today though they're playing golf, some well deserved R & R.

Lyn and Richert have retired from the military. Lyn is in Texas studying criminal justice while Richert is majoring in physical education.

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