'Balloon Boy' parents headed to jail

(NBC) - Richard and Mayumi Heene, the so-called "balloon boy parents" were sentenced Wednesday for their roles in a hoax that riveted the world's attention in October.

The drama played out on TV and racked up hundreds of hours and tens-of-thousands of dollars in law enforcement and National Guard resources.

The Heenes later admitted in police interviews that they orchestrated the stunt to score a reality TV show deal.

After lengthy statements from lawyers, the judge ordered Richard Heene to 90 days in jail, four years supervised probation, restitution and 400 hours of community service.

Of his 90 days in jail, Heene can serve 60 days through work release, meaning he will only be in jail on weekends.

The judge said Heene's first 30 days in jail will not start until January 11th so that he could spend the holidays at home with his children.

Restitution hearings will be scheduled after the first of the year.

Heene's wife, Mayumi, was sentenced to 20 days in jail to be served after Richard's sentence is complete.