Pasadena Bound!

Katie Keene and her boyfriend Sam Hamilton are planning to witness 'Bama's game first-hand.
Katie Keene and her boyfriend Sam Hamilton are planning to witness 'Bama's game first-hand.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - 22-year old Katie Keene and her 23-year old boyfriend Sam Hamilton are about to witness something special. "This is huge for us," said Keene.

A chance to watch Alabama play for the national title next month. Katie just graduated a few days ago from Alabama while Hamilton will graduate in May. Both won a chance to pay for their tickets at $200.00 a piece through the university's lottery.

"If you had 80 hours you were pretty much at the top of the list," said Keene.

Keene says 80% of the tickets were allotted for students.

Katie and Sam don't physically have their game tickets but in a way they do. They'll take their University Action Card with them to Pasadena and with one swipe.. they're in.

Sam and Katie say they'll leave a couple of days before the title game for a little vacation in San Francisco before heading over to Pasadena. In the midst of all the excitement they worry about getting from point A to point B. They've never been to California.

"This biggest concern is the traffic because we won't have a car out there," said Hamilton.

15 days and counting for Crimson Tide fans like Sam and Katie to the big dance in the big state, Alabama versus Texas. Win, lose or draw, they'll make a memory to last a life time.

"Even we don't win we made it this far and we're 13 and 0," said Keene.

But if Alabama does go 14 and 0, it will be Nick Saban's first undefeated season that included a national championship.

The title game is set for January 7th.

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