Holiday travel crunch hits Alabama

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  If you're planning on traveling this week, you're not alone.

Some drivers are trying to beat the rush and the weather.

"It did not look any more congested than what it usually does, so that's what makes the driving nice," explained Theresa Nash of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The forecast, however, is stuffy on the highways.  AAA estimates 87.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more.  That's up 3.8% from last year.

"It's going to take you a lot longer to get where you're going than it normally does, because of really just the sheer congestion itself slows the traffic down significantly," said Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama

In the skies, things are a little more dependent on Mother Nature and incoming storms.  Travelers hope mounting delays at major hubs won't hurt them on their voyage home.

"I'm trying to get out a little bit early because its going to be a bum rush [Christmas Eve] with everything," said Clinton Cagle of Orlando, Florida.

"I checked my booking agent to make sure nothing was delayed and everything was on time.  There's not a whole lot they can do. If they cancel it, they cancel it," said Sarah Compton of Louisville, Kentucky.

Airport workers say the busiest travel days have passed.  Still, they caution passengers to show up at least 90 minutes ahead of their flights--and be patient.

"Try to have fun.  Talk to your customer service reps, and they'll do what they can to assist you in any way they can," said Lynn Cox of Montgomery Regional Airport.

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