Local retailers prepare for after Christmas crowds

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Montgomery, AL (WSFA) – Even after all the presents are unwrapped, the holiday shopping rush is far from over.

Next to Black Friday, some say the day after Christmas is the second busiest shopping day of the year.

Cecil Edwards says he and his grand kids plan to try and catch some deals.

And stores are doing their part as well.

They're offering deep discounts, aiming to clear unsold Christmas inventories among other items.

Alice Sherbett said, "I've already spotted some ornaments that I want to get next year, and they're not going to go on sale for half price until Saturday."

But it's not just the extra savings bringing in the crowds.

Daphne Dawson said, "I already know we'll be out tomorrow doing returns."

Whether those gifts are the wrong size, color, or not exactly what you were wanting, all those returns added up to a big undertaking for retailers

Eric Alford, General Manager for Bass Pro Shops in Prattville said, "We'll be prepared for a massive return operation.  But we also hope to turn a lot of those into exchanges."

He says the store is also hoping for an extra push from gift card sales.

Managers at the Target on Berryhill Road say this year, they've sold more gift cards than ever.

They hoping those cards will keep customers coming through the doors long after the holidays are over.

Alice Sherbett said, for her and her family, after Christmas shopping is about one thing.

She said, "I'm looking forward to it not being so rushed, to where it's just kind of relaxing because there's not much on the to do list anymore."

Retailers say if you do plan to bring something back, most stores set aside separate return lines.

They remind you to have your receipt handy and most importantly, bring your patience.

You'll most likely be standing in some long lines.

To accommodate the crowds, many stores planned to open early on Saturday.

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