Guest Editorial: The High Cost of Education

Education is expensive at all levels but it is highest at the lowest levels. I don't mean in terms of money, I mean in terms of loss.

Recently the Governor announced a possible proration of the Education budget – again. Alabama has faced proration several times in the last eight years at the expense of its children.

From grade school to high school many counties are now talking about laying off or letting go of teachers and staff because there isn't enough money to keep them on.

The result of those possible layoffs and cutbacks will be overcrowded classrooms, stressed out overworked teachers and poor performance by students. That is a travesty!

I don't hear the Governor talking about cutting his salary or the legislature giving back its last pay raise or even the highest paid Attorney General in the country taking a pay cut to help out! To the Governor and the Legislature, stop using the Education Budget as its whipping child and leave that money alone. Find another place to cut expenses and let our children's education be first and best, not last and worst.

Rose McCall