Family mourns murdered son

Peter and Michelle Dorough talk about their murdered son, 18-year old Steven Dorough.
Peter and Michelle Dorough talk about their murdered son, 18-year old Steven Dorough.

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MARBURY, AL (WSFA) - Funeral arrangements for Steven Dorough are finalized. Viewing will take place Saturday from 5pm to 8pm at Martin Funeral Home in Clanton. The funeral will take place Sunday at Unity Baptist Church in Marbury. It's scheduled for 2pm.

Outside the Dorough home is a small symbol of remembrance. And inside, a family is coming to grips with tragic loss. "Just completely shocked.  The kid's a great kid...fantastic," says Peter Dorough.

Peter and Michelle Dorough are surrounded by loved ones. "After work was literally standing room only," says Michelle. But there's one family member who's greatly missed.

"I know right now that he felt nothing when it happened, and he's with the good Lord right now," adds Peter.

Authorities say Christopher Kroeger and Joshua Ready shot and killed the Dorough's 18-year old son, Steven, and then burned the body to cover up the crime. And even though the Dorough's don't know the reasons why, there's one thing they do know about their son.

"He thought more of his family and his friends than he did of himself," says Peter.

"He always wanted people to be happy and not upset with anybody," adds Michelle.

They say Steven had the world at his fingertips. He enlisted in the Army at 17, attended basic training this past summer, and had dreams of being an FBI agent. "He would go [to school] in his dress sometimes and he would go in his working fatigues.  He loved that uniform. He wasn't doing it to stand-out. He was doing it because he was proud of it."

And even though their son is gone, family members say Steven's legacy will never die. "I've got wonderful memories that they can't take that away. They may have took his body...but they didn't take his soul," says Peter.

The two men charged with killing Dorough remain in the Chilton County jail. Their bond is set at $500,000 dollars each.

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