Day 3: Who has the best mascot?

WSFA 12 News is teaming with our Raycom sister station KLTV in Tyler, Texas to debate the biggest 11 points entering the BCS Championship game on January 7th...and each day, we will present a new debate point.

WSFA 12 News/Alabama is represented by Sports Director Jeff Shearer. KLTV/Texas is represented by Sports Director Ryan Peterson.

Topic #3: Who has the best mascot?

Ryan says...
 You can't think Texas without thinking about their mascot.  Bevo is one cool steer.  He's at every game, chilling in the end zone.  Don't mess with his horns, they'll get you. 
And honestly, a poofy, stuffed elephant as the mascot? Really?

Jeff says...Okay, so I've been covering the Tide for nearly 20 years, and I'm still a little fuzzy on how a team nicknamed the "Crimson Tide" can have an elephant ("Big Al") as a mascot.  As the story goes, it dates back to the '30's, when Alabama's dominant linemen took the field and someone said, "Hold on to your horses boys, here come the red elephants!"  As a side note, I'm a graduate of the University of Colorado, and it's my contention that both Texas and Alabama come up lacking in the mascot department when compared to Ralphie the Buffalo.   I once had this debate with our news anchor, Kim Hendrix, a loud and proud Texas Ex.  My contention: "Ralphie is a rumbling buffalo, storming onto the field. Bevo is a big ol' slobbering cow."  I rest my case.

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