Murder victim laid to rest

Steven Dorough, 18, was murdered on December 27, 2009. Source: Dorough Family
Steven Dorough, 18, was murdered on December 27, 2009. Source: Dorough Family

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MARBURY, AL. (WSFA) -- It had all the trimmings of a full military goodbye.  Patriot Guard Riders and fellow soldiers stood ready to bring a friend home.

This time, however, things were different.

There's probably one thing we never planned on doing, and that was doing a mission for a high school senior," said Paul Reynolds with Patriot Guard Riders.

Steven Dorough,18, was on the fast track in the Army Reserves.  A student at Marbury High, Dorough already attained the rank of Private First Class.  He was quickly climbing through the ranks.

Sunday, friends and relatives worked through grief by lightening the mood, dyeing their hair blue in a tribute to one of Steven's quirky hairstyles.

"He did his whole head. He looked like a blueberry," explained Peter Dorough, Steven's father.

"I feel like I'm honoring him, and I'll do what I can to do that," said Kendall Cargile of Marbury.

Starting in Clanton, the young man's procession passed close to the Chilton County Jail, where Christopher Kroeger and Joshua Ready await their fate.

Both young men are accused of shooting Dorough, then burning his body to cover up the crime.

"The time will come when I have to see them, and all I can do right now is pray for them," Peter Dorough said.

"The judgement they receive here on earth will amount to nothing to the judgement they'll receive with God," said Michelle Dorough, Steven's mother.

It's a crime that's difficult to comprehend.

"There are times like this when we know how, but we have a question mark in our minds: why?," said Pastor Keith Edwards of Unity Southern Baptist Church.

The town of Marbury is left grieving the loss of one of their own--again.  Residents say Dorough is the 7th young resident to die in less than four years.

"He helped me make my decision to go to the Army. And he was always excited," explained Kristin Jackson of Marbury.

Family members try to hold on to the good memories. They voiced their appreciation for the whirlwind of support.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on," Michelle Dorough said of the procession and the crowds.

"I've never seen something so gorgeous and so beautiful."

Marbury High School will offer grief counseling for students when school opens on Tuesday.

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