Day 8: Who boasts the best college town?

WSFA 12 News is teaming with our Raycom sister station KLTV in Tyler, Texas to debate the biggest 11 points entering the BCS Championship game on January 7th...and each day, we will present a new debate point.

WSFA 12 News/Alabama is represented by Sports Director Jeff Shearer. KLTV/Texas is represented by Sports Director Ryan Peterson.

Topic #8: Who boasts the best college town?

Ryan says... Austin has everything a college kid could want.  The campus is located in the middle of downtown, just blocks from 6th Street.  The street is known across the country for it's great nightlife.  You want music? You've always got it Austin as it's the live music capital of the world.  It's a booming town surrounded by parks, lakes and rivers.  Not to mention the athletic program is as good as it gets.  What more do you need?

Jeff says... All right, if you're into night life, music and fine dining, I could see where Austin might hold some appeal. But there's a place for sweet tea and quaint Southern charm. And that place is Tuscaloosa. If you've never been to the Bryant Museum or Dreamland, how can you call yourself a real fan of college football?

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