Day 11: Who has the best food?

WSFA 12 News is teaming with our Raycom sister station KLTV in Tyler, Texas to debate the biggest 11 points entering the BCS Championship game on January 7th...and each day, we will present a new debate point.

WSFA 12 News/Alabama is represented by Sports Director Jeff Shearer. KLTV/Texas is represented by Sports Director Ryan Peterson.

Topic #11: Who has the best food?

Ryan says… I can't say that I've had a meal in Alabama, but in Austin it's pretty darn good.  If you want good barbeque, head to Texas.  Austin has restaurants all over.  The Mexican food is delicious.  No matter what kind of food you like, Austin should have it.  The best part about Austin, is all the 24 hour restaurants.  No matter what time of day or night, you won't go hungry.

Jeff says... Ribs at Dreamland. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Pecan pie after the pre-game meal in the press box - and hot dogs at halftime. Golden Flake potato chips, made just down the road in Birmingham.  We may not have you beat in the chili department, but trust me, you'll never go hungry in Tuscaloosa. 
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