Powder Scare At Montgomery Municipal Court

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sanda Gamble was among the 20 or so people standing in line at municipal court to pay traffic fines when the word came down to 'get out.'

"It was very calm. Nobody panicked but we all knew must be a bomb threat or something," said Gamble.

Within seconds Montgomery firefighters arrived with their decontamination unit and not long after a team from the Army showed up to test the white powder found inside the envelope.

"I've been told that if it's Anthrax or something like that it takes thousands of dollars to get that," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

While the disruption was a major inconvenience for city court business, Gamble did not see the evacuation or the response as overkill.

"You can never take these things lightly," she said.

Once the team suited up, it only took them about 30 minutes to find out the truth.

"This is baking soda but we're not going to treat this lightly. We will pursue all leads and prosecute," said Chief William Davis of the Montgomery Fire Department.

It turns out the package also contained a citation, a ticket someone apparently got in town a few days ago and it came from out of state. Investigators declined to say which neighboring state.

A sense of relief once the results came but no doubt irritating at the same time.

"It's an absolute abomination," said Mayor Strange.

As of this web posting no one's been arrested in the case and there is no evidence this individual is connected with the other suspicious envelopes found over the past two days in Alabama.

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