Cold temperatures affecting more than just people

Animals sit in the sun at Montgomery Zoo as temperatures continue to drop.
Animals sit in the sun at Montgomery Zoo as temperatures continue to drop.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Frozen fountains are becoming familiar sights around the city.

And some want to see more of those wintry signs.

"I just want it to snow in Montgomery," says one resident.

But one thing's for sure, everybody's bundling up.

"I've been preparing for this for a long time," says Jason Bielen.

The cold may catch you off guard.

But thanks to Montgomery zookeepers, their animals are prepared for the cold.

"Months ago I start feeding them up. I give everybody more food than they would normally get during the hot summers. So, that way when these times come, they can sit out on display on a cool day like this and they can handle it," says Bielen.

Animals aren't the only ones taking the heat from the cold.

Charles Harwell owns Green Thumb Nursery on Troy Highway and says his plants and profits feel the effects.

"[It] sorta slows things down a little bit especially retail customers. When it gets really cold people kinda lose interest in working outside," says Harwell.

That's why he's not taking any chances on losing anything.

"This frost blanket--we're able to cover the plants that are tender and the ones that have a lot of blooms on them that we don't want to mess up," adds Harwell.

But whether it's plants, pets or people, authorities are keeping an eye out for icy conditions.

ALDOT officials say they're monitoring the roads overnight and taking proper steps to tackle whatever the extreme cold brings.

Officers say drivers need to be sure their cars are well-maintained for winter conditions.

Proper tread depth is important on tires.

They advise adjusting your speed around bridges and overpasses, and allowing extra distance between cars.

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