Millbrook Teenager Among The Millions Expected To Watch Crimson Tide

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At Stanhope-Elmore High School in Millbrook DeMarcus Milliner dazzled fans and coaches alike with his speed under Friday night lights.

Milliner will need every bit of his quickness to make the transition from high school to college.

"I'm ready for the task ahead," said Milliner.

DeMarcus Milliner is an Alabama recruit, the state's number one prospect and the nation's 30th overall top prospect, according to sports analysts.

Thursday night Milliner will drop the weights and the workouts to watch his future team; Alabama versus Texas for the national title.

"These are top two teams. It's going to be great game," said Milliner.

At six foot one and 185 pounds, Milliner will play cornerback for the Tide. That's the guy by the way who sticks to the wide receiver like flypaper and nabs whatever the receiver is supposed to catch. Milliner says he had offers from all the schools in the SEC and then some. He feels good about Alabama's chances in the Rose Bowl stadium, although he declined to predict a score.

"I wish I was there but my time is coming," said Milliner.

Coming a lot sooner than he expected. Milliner graduated from Stanhope-Elmore last month and will begin classes and workouts at Alabama next Monday.

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