Houston County prepares for dangerous icy conditions

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Dothan, AL (WSFA) – In preparation for overnight precipitation during this arctic blast, Houston County officials are preparing for some dangerous conditions on the roadways.

Thursday, crews spent the day sanding all 77 of the county's bridges.

Emergency Operations Manager Steve Carlisle says the big danger for folks around here is that weather this cold and this severe is rare.

Carlisle said, "We're not used to the type hazards that they have up North with a lot of ice development."

His advice: unless you have to be on the roads tonight—don't, and it's advice locals are already planning to follow.

Joey Russell says he's not planning on getting out after dark.  A resident of Dothan, he says, he doesn't have experience of driving on icy roads.

Missie Jones also says she's staying inside, and keeping her faucets running.

So while the community bundles up to keep warm for tonight's intense cold, EMA workers say they'll keep their eyes on the skies and the roads—making sure we're ready for whatever Mother Nature brings our way.

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