Five people arrested for burglary

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – Wednesday afternoon Dothan police responded to a gas station after employees believed someone was trying pass off some funny money.

At the same time a sheriff's deputy was already in the parking lot of the same gas station where he investigating two people inside a car arguing.

"He went to investigate the two individuals in the vehicle in reference to the argument and found a large amount of cash unexplained by them," says Capt. Antonio Gonzalez of the Houston County Sheriffs Office.

After investigating the large amount of cash it was discovered that the counterfeit call was related to the argument.

"At the same time Dothan was doing their investigation and concluded that the person inside with the hundred dollar bill was person the vehicle," says Gonzalez.

Investigators were called out and later learned that the money was not fake, instead it was stolen from a home earlier in the week.

"And was able to conclude through the investigation that there were five people involved in the burglaries at this residence over a two day period on the fifth and the sixth," adds Gonzalez.

Five people were arrested for burglary of the residence and the theft of property.

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