Chilly temps increase business for propane industry.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's been a busy few days for Bill Myers.

"It gets rough, but we gotta do what we gotta do," says Myers.

He works for ACME Propane Gas in Montgomery and says this season is unique.

"I've been in the propane industry for about three years. This has been the worst winter I've seen. I've never had this many calls on a day to day basis."

Myers says the phone is ringing off the hook at ACME with as many as 400 calls a day all from residents either low or out of propane gas.

"You gotta have heat. As cold as it is, you can't expect them to just stay at home and be cold," adds Myers.

That's why he's working as late as ten o'clock some nights to get it done--responding to as many as 50 homes in one day--more than double what he's used to.

"I'd say probably 16-20 calls a day on an average winter day," says Myers.

And those days quickly turn into nights--refilling tanks in the frigid air.

"I'm kinda numb to it," he says.

All the while, he's making tough sacrifices to make sure you're safe and warm.

"I'm used to putting my son to bed. I think I've put him to bed one night this week."

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