Community leaders send letter to the Attorney General

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – A day after community leaders sent a letter to the Governor and his gaming task force asking for a more civil approach regarding lawsuits surrounding bingo at County Crossing; Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver sent another letter to Attorney General Troy King asking him for his help in the matter.

"We believe this can be handle through the courts which is where it is now, without having to put Alabamians in the welfare line," says Mark Culver.

In the letter community leaders wrote, "We strongly implore you to exercise the authority of your office to superintend the litigation here in Houston County..."

"We're asking the state to handle it civilly, if the governor and the Mr. Barber would do that, that's what we would like to see if not then we ask the attorney general to step forward and represent that state in a civil manner to address this," added Culver.

A hearing originally set for Tuesday was canceled.  The task force was asking a judge to dissolve the restraining order that halted the late night raid of Country Crossing.

"There are suits being filed, there is going to be a thorough investigation whether this is legal as we believe or illegal as Mr. Barber believes and we just think that process ought to go through," says Culver.

Culver say's the entire community will abide by whatever decisions the court hands down they're just asking the Attorney General to make sure they're given that opportunity.

An original hearing for the preliminary injunction is already set for January 20th.

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