Prattville man found frozen to death

Bill Parrish's brother found him inside this home. He died of hypothermia.
Bill Parrish's brother found him inside this home. He died of hypothermia.

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - It is still a  mystery to Autauga County Coroner Billy Brown; why didn't Bill Parrish use the kerosene heater his own family had given him to stay warm.

"Unless he got so cold he couldn't wake up. I didn't see any alcohol or substance abuse and I don't see how he could sleep when it's that cold," Brown said.

Bill Parrish was a Prattville native. He was 67 years old and lived alone on Durden Road in Prattville. Bill Brown says Parrish was last seen Thursday afternoon and died sometime during the night Thursday into Friday morning.

"There was no evidence of foul play or forced entry," said Brown.

Brown is not aware of health issues Parrish may have had. Brown says when he showed up at the scene Friday morning the temperature was a bitter 16-degrees. It was Parrish's brother who found him near the front door of the one-story wooden house.

"He did not have a massive heart attack because there was no bluish color that would be a characteristic of a heart attack," said Brown.

During his 8-years as Autauga County Coroner Billy Brown can't recall working a death case that was solely attributed to hypothermia. Bill Parrish became the first.

Brown says he knew Parrish for about 25 years. He called Parrish easy-going with a good personality and worked in the construction business as a painter and installed sheet rock.

Meantime, Montgomery officials say they're not aware of cold-related deaths.

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