'Club O' security officers speak out

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Just a few days ago, the parking lot outside of Montgomery's 'Club O' turned chaotic in a flash of gunfire.

"By the time we got here, it was over with and two people were dead," explained Crystal Griffith.

Griffith and Gayle Howell were two of the security officers working Saturday night.  As they circled the lot, a fight between two groups of people brewed near the club's front door.

"In the process, one of them started hollering, saying, 'We're going to get you, we're going to get you,'" Howell said.

Things reportedly became heated inside the club as well.

"They were asked to leave, because they were getting obnoxious. That's how they got outside--and all of this started," Howell explained.

Someone started shooting.  People scattered. Seconds later, security officers found James Poole, 17, and their boss, Michael Montgomery, 38, dead.

"By the time we got up here, there wasn't anyone with a gun in sight," Griffith said.

"That's when I saw my chief's jacket," Howell continued.

"And I noticed he wasn't moving. That's when I screamed for help."

When police arrived just minutes later it was too late. Two people were gone.  The team at B.A.T.S. Security already misses Montgomery, their longtime friend.

"Very happy man.  Very happy.  Always joking with everybody.  Especially us," said Dana Collins, who works as a staff sergeant for the company.

Now, the group will continue Montgomery's legacy.  Meanwhile, the killers are still on the loose.

"People do this stuff and go and brag about it, and it means nothing to them and it's got to stop," Howell exclaimed.

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