Editorial: Enough is Enough!

Students and parents look to teachers and administrators for leadership.

What they are seeing from the Montgomery County Board of Education is the antithesis of leadership.

Bickering and squabbling, lawsuits and threatened lawsuits, alleged open meetings law violations and criminal obstruction charges overshadow what could be dialogue regarding career academy curriculum,  overflow applications to magnet schools, and strategic direction for a school system challenged with fiscal cuts.

The budget for Montgomery's Board of Education is larger than the City's budget.

We expect it to be invested wisely.

We expect the School Board leadership to be a catalyst to drive excellence.

We expect open and honest dialogue of all issues with meetings of the full board.

We don't expect and should not accept what we have witnessed repeatedly this past year.

The members of the board are fully capable to lead.  If they are not willing, we will need to find others who will lead.