Montgomery pastor to spread message at nightclubs

Posted by Cody Holyoke - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Shootings, fights, and murders.  It's a sobering way to start the new year.  Less than two weeks in to 2010, two people are dead following nightclub skirmishes.

It's a problem Pastor Ed Nettles sees way too often in Montgomery.

"These kids will go out into the community and unleash that anger on some unsuspecting person over some menial little thing," said Nettles, who runs Freewill Missionary Baptist Church.

After the 'Club O' shootings, Nettles decided to focus his efforts on clubs--specifically businesses that allow teens inside.

"[We'll be] walking through the parking lots. Getting owners involved and helping us. At least allowing us 5 to 10 minutes to come in and talk about non-violence," Nettles said.

Nettles and his team hopes to canvas the city's clubs and get to the root of the problem before things turn violent again.  They hope to start at 'Club O.'

"They need to respect life more, love life more, and love themselves," Nettles said.

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