Editorial: Double-digit crime decrease

A double digit decrease in crime in Montgomery hasn't happened in more than a decade.

It did in 2009 and all involved in making it happen deserve credit.

Engaged and involved citizens who actively worked to take back neighborhoods from criminals with community policing deserve much credit.

So does Police Chief Art Baylor and his team for implementing and executing an effective precinct system with strong captains who communicated effectively to spot trends and proactively stop crime.

Anticipating crime with mapping systems and saturation details, stopping it with roadblocks, and thwarting it with new technology like shot spotter  - all played a role in reducing crime nearly 12%.

Hats off to all the patrol men and women who not only worked hard to reduce crime but helped reduce accidents and fatalities 35% through stronger enforcement of our streets as well, helped in part by the red light cameras.

Keep on it in 2010 and let's hope you get greater help this year in reducing the recidivism rate with more support from the criminal justice system through true truth in sentencing.