Students thankful loved ones are safe in Haiti

Jacques Lamour talks with his friend Abby Carter after learning his family is safe in Haiti.
Jacques Lamour talks with his friend Abby Carter after learning his family is safe in Haiti.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For Huntingdon College students Abby Carter and Jacques Lamour, it's been a long few days.

"It's kinda like a waiting game...and not having anything for me to do is really frustrating," says Carter.

"My aunts and cousins, and basically everybody I know [lives in Haiti]...I was devastated," adds Lamour.

Carter's mother, Pam, is a missionary and was in Haiti as part of a routine visit when she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"We all thought she'd just be back in a week. But that's not the case, she was actually in Port-Au-Prince when it happened," adds Carter.

Carter says she hasn't even talked to her mother, but learned through an email she's ok.

Lamour's family is from Haiti and says so far the news he's received from his them is also positive.

"Their house got partially damaged, but the family is doing fine."

The earthquake is bringing these two even closer than before.

As an exchange student, Lamour lived with the Carter family in North Carolina before coming to Huntingdon with Abby.

Now, they're helping each other make it through a tough situation, both grateful their loved ones are safe.

"Knowing that they're ok, it's a great relief," says Lamour.

"I'm thankful she's coming home soon and that people are going to help out," says Carter.

And while a place they both cherish is hurting, Carter believes the country will rebound.

"Four hurricanes didn't shatter the spirit, civil war didn't shatter the spirit, so I don't think an earthquake can shatter anything."

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