Prattville Businessman Surprised By Amount Of Donations To Haiti

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They came early in the cold but ended up warming the heart of Jose' Perez.

"Thank you," Perez said as he took a case of bottled water from a citizen.

Perez is the man who organized the drive to help his fellow man in Haiti.

"It's horrible down there," said Perez.

The reason Perez knows it's horrible down there is because he has family living in neighboring Dominican Republic. Perez says they felt the quake but family members report no damage. Still, encouraging people to fill up a room with cases of bottled water and canned food was the least he could do for Haiti.

Perez thinks he'll collect enough to feed around 5,000.

"They don't have food and water. They're in need. They need water to keep going in life," said Perez.

From the grown-ups..

"They're starting to kill each other over water. I wanted to do my part," said Teresa Sanders.

to the very young.

"I want them to have food and water," said a 9-year old little girl.

5 hours later, shortly after the noon hour, donors were still showing up, enough to start filling up part of an 18-wheeler with the hope of calling in a second trailer.

"I wish I could do more. I wish I could fly a plane and deliver so much more," Perez said.

Jose' Perez is known around these parts as a business owner, a community volunteer and now a friend to the Haitians. He feels good about what he's done and learned something about himself along the way.

"If you have a positive attitude you can move a lot of things," said Perez.

Perez says he'll continue to accept water and canned food all day Saturday and through the close of business on Monday.

The food and water will eventually be trucked down to the Haitian Embassy in Miami. From there the cargo will be shipped to Haiti.

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