Churches dig deep to help Haitians

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A hymn and a handshake. These are the comforts of church at home.

Meanwhile, in Haiti, there is no comfort.  Residents there fight for survival as the situation worsens on the ground.

Their suffering, however, isn't going unnoticed. Churches large and small alike are answering the call to action, donating thousands of dollars to relief efforts.

"Any time there's an opportunity to share what we have with those that are in need, I think we should do it," explained Michael Byars, a member of 'Refuge Class' at Montgomery's Frazer United Methodist Church.

Other people are donating relief kits to help overseas.

Outreach director Butch McPherson is trying to catch a plane to Haiti to help.  In the meantime, he's worried about his friends in the country.

"A good friend of mine sent me an email--who happened to have been in Port au Prince.  [He said the scene looked like] legos up, and you take a hand and just run across it.  He said buildings have just completely collapsed," McPherson said.

Whether it's financial or functional help, people are glad to do what they can.

"We want to show God's love through our sharing of whatever we have to help them, because it could have been us," explained Paul Gourdine, pastor of Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church.

If you'd like to donate to the relief efforts, donate to the Red Cross.  If you're interested in giving a relief kit, call Frazer at (334) 272-8622.

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