Singing Bee, Bama Flavor

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Luverne, AL (WSFA) - From Luverne to Hollywood.     It may sound like a Hollywood script, but with some hard work, dedication, and some Crenshaw County magic, Bobby Tomberlin is doing just fine.

Little Bobby always loved music.    "His grade school teacher told him if you spent as much time on your class work as you do on music you'd make all A's," Tomberlin's mom Betty said.   At the age of 11 he was spinning records as a DJ at a station in Luverne.   From the airwaves of Crenshaw County to the national spotlight of Hollywood, you can now watch Tomberlin on national TV.

"I was raised about an hour south of Montgomery, and I've listened to country music all my life,"  said Tomberlin in a promotional video for the reality show "The Singing Bee".   So that's where he is now, a singer on the country sing along show on CMT.   But for most of his career he provide the lyrics for someone else.    "He wrote songs for Faith Hill, Kenny Rogers, Diamond Rio, and more," Tomberlin's dad said.    In fact his song "One More Day", sang by Diamond Rio was nominated for a Grammy award.    "We don't brag about it but we're proud of him," his mom said.

Now Bobby has his own CD out.  He released it over Thanksgiving, and got the red carpet treatment in Alabama.      "Everybody loves it, he was overwhelmed at the signing event."

He might be on the West Coast working in the Singing Bee, but he's always just a play button away.    All mom has to do is pop in the CD and listen to her boy's voice, a talent that can take him anywhere he wants to go.

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