Looting Problem in Haiti

Looting is spreading to more areas of downtown Port-au-Prince. Hundreds of young men and boys have been climbing broken walls to break into shops and take whatever they can find. One sought-after item is toothpaste. People in the Haitian capital smear it under their noses to fend off the stench of decaying bodies.

In one location, youths fought over a stock of rum, using broken bottles, machetes and razors. Police fired shots into the air to break up the crowd. One man who held a broken wooden plank with nails, using it as a weapon to try to protect his bottle of rum, said he was drinking as much as he can. He said, "It gives courage."

Despite the looting, the U.S. Army's on-the-ground commander in Haiti says the capital is seeing less violence than before the earthquake. Lt. Gen. Ken Keen says there's gang violence now, but there was gang violence before the quake.