Montgomery Rescue Mission gets good news from Haiti

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week Michelle Browder had no idea whether Bishop Andre Louinord and the 100+ orphaned children in his care survived. With little or no communications coming out of Haiti, Browder had no choice but to wait it out. The Montgomery Rescue Mission sponsors the Faith Crusade Orphanage.

"We have no idea, still waiting," Browder said at the time.

Today, a breakthrough.

"He was frantic," said Browder, Public Information Director for Montgomery Rescue Mission.

A frantic call Monday morning from the Bishop himself. Browder says the call lasted about a minute but there was a lot of static.

"He was trying to hurry up and tell us what he needed," said Browder.

Still unclear as of this writing whether any of the kids survived. The children were left behind because their parents either died in the civil unrests long before the earthquake or simply left unwanted.

"He didn't say. He was just in a hurry and frantic. He said he would try to let us know in an email what more he needed and whether the children made it out okay," Browder.

In the meantime, Browder and the Montgomery Rescue Mission are making plans to spend some time in Haiti. They have a meeting on Tuesday to make arrangements to take all the donated clothing and water to the country.

Browder is prepared to accept what she will see because she's seen it before.

"I've been in other parts of the world such as Istanbul, Turkey, and I've seen quake damage and suffering," said Browder.

One prayer answered, still waiting on the other one.

Michelle Browder says when they go to Haiti they will also take building supplies with them because the orphanage itself was destroyed.

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