Editorial: Feedback

You had plenty to say regarding our guest editorial on the High Cost of Education.

Helen Swanner emailed: "Finally, someone has the gumption to tell it like it is!  To begin firing teachers and support personnel is educational suicide.  Begin with the central office staff for layoffs, not the classroom teachers."

Rick Mills emailed: "I have long been an advocate that we need to reform our tax base that supports public education.  Alabama currently gets "more bang for the buck" than any other state.  We could double our property tax, still be one of the lowest in the nation, and meet every need that we have.  We will never have a first class education system on a penny ante tax base, and the children will continue to be the ones that suffer."

And a response to our Financial Challenges editorial came in part by the Governor in his state of the state address.

The Governor maintains cuts will not be necessary for state agencies, more funding will be coming for schools, and no taxes will be raised.

But that is based on assumptions that tax revenues will grow, more stimulus money will be coming from the federal government and the stock market recovery will provide more money to the General Fund through capital gains from the Alabama Trust Fund.

That would be a terrific triple play if his promises and the assumptions happen.