Brantley Teacher a Class Act

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Brantley , AL (WSFA) -    In the last 33 years, Margaret Folmar has seen a lot in the classroom.   So what keeps here coming back?  "I know I  have the greatest students in all of Alabama and that makes my job a lot easier," Folmar said.

They won't be her students much longer.   This is her last year in the classroom, and for her students that's bad news.    "I'm new, I came from Indiana and this was a big change," student Jordan Green said.    "She is my home room teacher and made things a lot easier.   In fact I didn't even like English but she makes it fun."    He's not alone.    "She's not only a great teacher, she's also a great friend," said student Jordan Lasalle.   "She'd do anything for any one of us and we're going to miss her when she retires."

Perhaps it's her style of teaching they'll miss the most.     "It's like I say, sometimes when students are tough to reach you just have to love them into doing it," Folmar said.   They love her for what she's done and she's this week's Class Act.

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