Home video of Haiti earthquake surfaces

Video rolls in a Haitian orphanage as the earth shakes beneath them.
Video rolls in a Haitian orphanage as the earth shakes beneath them.

HAITI (NBC) - An Ohio man is one of the survivors of the deadly quake that struck Haiti last week and he's sharing video he took as the earth shook around him.

Rick Hursh was in Haiti at the Hope Orphanage, which he helped build, when the quake struck. He was recording video of his son playing with the orphans when the building suddenly began to shake.

"For us living in Cincinnati, the first thing you think is a big truck's driving by. It just keeps getting louder and stronger and everything starts crumbling and falling apart," Hursh said.

Hursh and his son said they slept with both shoes on and one foot on the ground after the quake.

"I was there with three of the orphans. They were patting my head. Then it felt like a little rumble like if you live in a house by a train track," Hursh's son, Matt, said.

Hursh helped rescue the young girls from the crumbling concrete. He and his son then spent the next few days cleaning up and helping to rebuild a medical center.

"We're fortunate that the buildings that we've built down there, 15 years or so, not one of them collapsed," he said. "As you watch the video, if they would have collapsed right away, we wouldn't have made it."

All 20 of the girls at the orphanage did survive the quake. Others weren't so lucky. Some estimates put the death toll in the hundreds of thousands, but Hursh said we may never know.

"There are people who are going to be buried that they're never going to find," he said. "As soon as it hit and you're looking around, you knew it's going to be bad."

Hursh said he hasn't been able to sleep much since the earthquake. Regardless, he said he's already planning his next trip to Haiti to help rebuild.

"The whole time our team was there, God was with us and he protected us and through all of this. God does have a plan and Haiti will recover," Matt Hursh said. 'Hopefully, they'll come out of this better than they were before."