"Patriots" push for state's rights resolution

Montgomery, AL - (WSFA) Members of several organizations rallied on the Alabama State House steps today.  They included members of the Tea Party and Patriots groups.

Becky Gerritson of Wetumpka's Tea Party group says the rally was to encourage state lawmakers to support the resolution that says, essentially, the feds are intruding too far into matters regarding individual states.

The Alabama Senate has passed the joint resolution.  It is now in the House of Representatives for the third time, according to rally organizers.  State Representative Mac Gipson of Autauga County is the sponsor in the House.

Several hundred people attended the rally at midday.  Many carried signs and placards.  One read "We come unarmed...this time"...an apparent reference to the reference to the Second Amendment included in the joint resolution.  Another sign read "Fair taxes - No IRS."

Organizers say they're not radicals proposing secession.  They simply want the feds to be reminded of their role as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.